Climb Aboard with BOUNTE’s innovative software designed to improve Lost and Found Operations for Airlines, Airports, Car, Bus and Rail Services

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) estimates 100,000 lost or misplaced items are left behind each month at security checkpoints at airports across North America.  One international airline reports nearly 5,000 lost items each month.

The staff and facilities in the transportation industry are overwhelmed with items, and organizations incur a significant cost running old-fashioned lost and found operations.

By leveraging advancements in mobile, cloud and artificial intelligence with BOUNTE, airports, airlines, car, bus and rail services can quickly locate and return important personal items to passengers on the go, reducing stress and saving time and money.

TSA estimates 100,000 items are left behind each month at U.S. checkpoints.

What BOUNTE™ customers say about us

  • “Staff training on the BOUNTE app is quick and users feel comfortable instantly. As easy as it is to use, it’s much more sophisticated and powerful than anything we’ve had. The genius is in the simple, intuitive design.”

    Troy StrandGeneral Manager, The Whitehall Hotel Chicago
  • “With BOUNTE, if you can take a selfie, you can manage a lost and found for a hotel.”

    Regional managerSoutheastern U.S. hotel group

BOUNTE™ Customers