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It costs $11,000-$15,000 to manually run a lost and found at an average-sized hotel.

BOUNTE saves close to 30-50% of those costs.

The hotel industry is changing.
Are you ready?

Hotels can foster a positive guest experience and protect their brands by making it fast and easy to retrieve personal property.

BOUNTE helps hotels take advantage of the new demands from guests stemming from:

  • A digital explosion. The majority of guests today are self-sufficient, tech-savvy travelers comfortable using mobile apps, particularly millennials/GEN Z (aged 18 – 34) who will be half of all travelers by 2025.
  • Desire for personalized, frictionless experiences. That means easy, low-touch check-in, keyless entry and digital connectivity.

Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association

So, it’s time to make the lost and found experience frictionless, too.

BOUNTE, Inc. is a member of the Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association.

Boutique Hotel

It’s All About Your Brand

Keep your brand visible and top-of-mind with customers by choosing BOUNTE Boutique.  BOUNTE Boutique is the premium solution for hotels and venues that want a customized experience for customers.

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Of travelers report losing something
in a hotel

Source: G6 Hospitality


Items lost in hotels every year
Source: BOUNTE


Average amount people are willing to spend to get their stuff back
Source: G6 Hospitality

Hotel Lost & Found Process: It’s The Law

According to the concept of constructive bailment, there is an automatic and involuntary legal duty that requires a hotel to retain and safeguard lost or misplaced items of value that are discovered by or turned in to its staff. Such items must be reported and handled according to the hotel’s lost and found procedures.

Recommended Procedures

  • Every hotel should establish a policy and train its employees on how to handle “lost and found” items.
  • To prevent claims of potential theft, require associates to immediately report any found item to the designated hotel authority.
  • Maintain a log that specifies the item’s description, where and when it was found, and who found it.

What our customers say about us

  • “With BOUNTE, if you can take a selfie, you can manage a lost and found for a hotel.”

    Regional managerSoutheastern U.S. hotel group
  • “Staff training on the BOUNTE app is quick and users feel comfortable instantly. As easy as it is to use, it’s much more sophisticated and powerful than anything we’ve had. The genius is in the simple, intuitive design.”

    Troy StrandGeneral Manager, The Whitehall Hotel Chicago

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