The A.I.-Enabled Lost & Found

BOUNTE uses A.I. image recognition to significantly reduce the time it takes to log, match and protect your guests’ lost items, greatly enhancing the guest experience

A.I. Powered Lost & Found and Package Management

The power of A.I. auto-recognizes found items, protects sensitive information, auto-fills reports, matches items quickly and accurately, and reads parcel labels.

Save Time. Boost Productivity

Did you know 66% of the lost & found process is logging items?

A typical 300-room hotel will spend at least 125 hours a year typing found items into spreadsheets and antiquated technologies. This is valuable time your staff can use for more value-added tasks.

Your Digital Shield

BOUNTE's A.I. automatically blocks out sensitive information on credit cards and IDs. Protect your customers AND your organization with the snap of a photo.

More Returns. Better Guest Experience

BOUNTE can ship to almost anywhere in the world and support many currencies. Leveraging the network of carriers, your customers will be sure to get the best shipping options at the very best prices! We offer the lowest shipping prices versus any other provider.

BOUNTE & Sustainability

BOUNTE partners with eco-friendly companies providing environmentally impactful ways to dispose of found items.

"If you can take a selfie, you can modernize your lost & found"

"The genius is in the modern and powerful AI, but I can't stress how easy it is use and learn. The staff were up and running in a day"

Our Customers
Are Fans

BOUNTE's modern and expert design make it easy for the staff to learn.